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a flying tongue falls asleep after orgasm, leaving a runner high and dry

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#170 "The Winged Muscular Hydrostat Missionaries Part 4"

They say giving is always the best policy, but if you want to receive, it just might come down to timing. Pulled an all-nighter to finish this. The last four comics have been a blast. Off to la-la land.

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Crusted Salt comic strip is a runners unique look at running, racing, marathons, barefoot, and love with an occasional non-running related topic (a.k.a. secular). It is not for children (rated NSFK) as it sometimes includes mature themes, a saucy word or two, and a tad of comical nudity. Updates are muse-driven, so will happen in unpredictable spurts. If you subscribe to the RSS feed, I'll keep you posted. Enjoy——Jimmy