Pinocchio and Cyrano race in the Stop Deviated Septum 5k

#10 Schnoz Dominance

Ah, celebrity runners. Do you think Pinocchio and Cyrano run with entourages? I love it when you see some celebrities make a big deal out of attempting a marathon, and then they run with special pacers (usually elite athletes), butlers, housekeepers, accountants, agents, publicists, lovers, mistresses, pool boys, cosmetic surgeons (for emergency botox injections), and psychiatrists (unless he or she is a Scientologist, then they have an E-meter carrier for emergency auditing to counteract race-induced engrams). As long as they make every step from finish to start and don't receive illegal aid from limos, drones, or lifts from load-bearing pool boys (double entendre intended), then more power to them. It also helps if they gave a little extra to a marathon-affiliated charity. You might like Cyrano and Pinocchio, or dislike them for being kind of fictional, but you can't deny all that they've done to stop deviated septum.

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