a comic strip with the virgin Queen Elizabeth having a blister popped by a knight and his lance after a foot race

#100 "The Virgin Queen's Booboo"

My favorite British queen is Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen. Being American, and one that is attempting to live an honest life, I must admit that my fancy is based solely on Judi Dench's portrayal of her in Shakespeare In Love, with a dash of Cate Blanchett's in Elizabeth. Again, based on these two movies, and in relation to the present Queen Elizabeth (whom I also know from movie portrayals only as well, including The Naked Gun), the Virgin Queen seemed to have some individuality, power, and charisma. But in the end, since I'm a brainwashed human being relying solely on what I'm fed from TV and cinema for what I know about the British royalty, none of what I've said here has any weight or meaning. I'm just a bloody lower middle class American git vomiting a bunch of tosh.

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