a comic strip with a couple in bed, one in a midlife crisis talking to a doll and the other seething about it

#103 "Safe Mid-Life Crisis"

I had a mild midlife crisis when I turned 50-years old. I didn't buy a Corvette, nor did I seek other women. I didn't abandon my wife. But I did start shaving, combing my hair, sucking my gut in, and making Youtube videos of me singing early Elvis Presley and Tom Jones tunes (I thought my It's Not Unusual was unusually good). By the overall tone of the comments below my videos, it seemed that I was "the worst decrepitly old singer" most of them had ever seen and heard, my nose looked funny and that I should go to a nursing home and die.

Regardless of the stomping handed to me by the world wide web, I came out of my midlife crisis with self and marriage intact, though I did delete my Youtube channel and have only sung to myself in the basement ever since ("I get so lonely, I get so lonely I could die").

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