a runner running an ultramarathon trail race high fives Bigfoot and loses an arm

#11 "Newbies #2:
Where Jack Laments Skipping Chapter 7"

When I ran the Boston Marathon in 2006, I was so blown away by the raucous crowds that I ended up getting into the party spirit. That year, due to death in the family, I was behind in my training, and wasn't going to be fully ready for this race, so I decided to run it as a long training run. I slowed my pace just enough so that I'd be able to run a hard marathon a month and a half later. I was supposed to be in the 3:30:00 corral in the first wave. Since I was running slower, I went to the last possible corral in the first wave. The race started, and after about the first mile, I realized I was running in between the waves. There was just me and a few other runners for nearly twenty-two miles (when the faster runners in the second wave began to catch up). We had our own spacious experience of the Boston Marathon. We also received a lot of attention from the crowds. So, I couldn't help but get into the celebratory spirit.

I gave high-fives to kids, talked to people, and even kissed a Wellesley College girl on the cheek (they were all pointing to their cheeks and asking for a kiss, so I chose one and acted). When I got to the Boston College area, there were a bunch of students drinking and having a gay ol' time. I gave one large guy a high-five, and instantly regretted it. He nearly tore my arm off. He hit me so hard and grasped my hand at the same time. It was like giving a tree a high-five at sixty miles per hour. My shoulder hurt for a few days. I vowed never to give a high-five to anyone over the age of eight. Subconsciously, I vowed to one day start a webcomic and draw a panel in which that college student was depicted as Bigfoot.

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