A Mickey Mouse Club parody comic with teens with hickeys and mousse in their hair. Full of life and entertainment

#116 "The Hickey Mousse Club"

A hickey has its own separate consciousness and voice. Its personality is one that loves to embarrass us about something that we really shouldn't be embarrassed about. It makes itself the complete focus of the hickey-receiver's (hickeyee) life, so much so that many hickeyees go to great lengths to cover it up. It is like the person who needs to be the center of attention at every gathering. "Look at me! Look at my beautiful purple and black colors and my gorgeous, irregular shape. Look at me!"

For the hickey-giver (the hickeyer), it is akin to a dog peeing on a telephone pole. It is a mark of his or her territory. For the artistic hickeyer, it is a work of art not unlike some of Warhol's work where he just painted over a photo. For the evil hickeyer, the hickey is made and then given consciousness (those of you with short-term memory problems, see the first paragraph).

The hickeyee goes home and is horrified when a parent, sibling, or a spouse (noooo!) points out the mark of the horny beast on his or her porcelain neck (some men have very supple necks). The hickeyee then proceeds to either cover it up, wear it as a badge of honor and conquest, or spends the rest of the night trying to avoid divorce.

A hickey is a bruising bruise often caused by too many brews that is rarely a good thing. Funny how it looks the same as a black eye.

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