a woman puts her finger into her fat runner-husband's bellybutton

#117 "Tough Love #1: The Test"

This comic is based on a true story. The identities of the real husband and wife shall remain private. As for the test, I believe it to be an accurate measure of body fat only if you have an innee. I also believe that withholding of sex (a.k.a. The Not Tonight Love Handles Reduction Program) shouldn't be used to motivate a runner-husband to lose weight or to run. Studies show that when weight goals are finally reached, and sex resumes, weight-gain starts approximately 20 minutes after intercourse at the first bite of post-coital recovery food. Walking from the couch to the refrigerator soon replaces running. The couple soon finds themselves back where they started, but it's highly likely that the wife can now insert an entire kielbasa into her husband's bellybutton.

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