The reincarnation of Pheidippides, a newborn baby runs to his mother with umbilical cord still attached

#135 He Has Returned

The only reason Pheidippides (a.k.a. Phidippides and Philippides) ran 150 miles in two days was to get back to Athens and go  "WooHoo! We kicked Persian ass!" I've always imagined he did so with his arms in the air and armpits presented fully. Having died in the process of going "WooHoo!", and if you take into account reincarnation and that, perhaps, your last strong emotion and thought at death gets carried into the next life, then I believe it's perfectly reasonable that the soul of Pheidippides could have come out running and woohooing in his brand new body. Thus, this latest comic could very well be based on a true story somewhere in time.

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