running shoe companies discuss the marketing of minimalist footwear to barefoot runners

#144 "Tales Of The Unshod #9: Foot Wars"

No. Not again. Just as I find a running shoe that I love, keeps me healthy, and look good in...POOF...they're gone. Discontinued. Enough said on that.

Oh, just one more thing. My current two pairs of running shoes have 2500+ miles each on them. Not sure how much longer they'll hold up, but they still feel okay. It feels rebellious to keep running in a pair of shoes after three to five hundred miles, as associates at running shoe stores have advised me not to do, or I'd end up in traction. Shoe rebel. I like that. But the shoe companies always win out in the end; discontinued running shoes will be the bane of my existence forever and ever and ever. I love hyperbole.

I had a lot of fun drawing this with the tablet and Gimp. I used crayon to color the sky and make the sun. I think it makes a nice mixture. Barefoot Sebastian appears in an earlier comic. I'm wondering if Nuduspedum (Latin) is really his last name, or did he change it to that to honor his passion. I have a feeling the talking shoe company buildings will return someday in a future comic.

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