runner implements crowd theory by shouting a slogan at the start of a marathon

#146 "Charisma"

Some people are born charismatic, and some aren't. The ones who have the highest levels of charisma could shout "The Who were The Monkees' bitches!" at the start of an exclusive marathon for aging mods and rockers, and everyone would join in, yelling and believing the slogan without a tinge of moral panic. Evolutions in language, dress, and hairstyles are driven by these shiny people (thank God that Hitler's moustache didn't become a fad—I really think that style won't ever come back as long as the memory of that nut is kept alive—sorry, Charlie Chaplin). With a single well-timed inflection, they've changed the definitions of "cool", "sweet", "sick", and "gay." Some charismatic Amazonian—probably high on a local hallucinogen—was the first to cut his lip and insert a disc. Soon, the whole tribe was doing it, and it became part of their culture. I'm not sure who the person was that created the first lawn, but if I could go back in history and stop it from happening, I would. The tyranny of the lawn...

As for the comic, I thought I'd play with the idea using the same drawing on occasion, and just change the dialogue, a la The Angriest Dog In The World (David Lynch) and Dinosaur Comics.

BTW, I like The Monkees.

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