a runner gets mechanically ejected into the air from a port-a-potty or portable toilet

#155 "Port-a-Justice"

Is it too much for a runner to expect other runners to be clean and considerate port-a-potty citizens? Someday, science and engineering will save us from the slobs. I have to believe. The hole in the toilet seat is not for a game of target-peeing. The level of a civilization a society reaches is not measured by the existence of flush toilets, but by the level of respect for, and practice of, toilet etiquette. You have enough energy and stamina to run a marathon; how about using some of it to lift that wicked heavy toilet seat? And is it possible to work the opposite muscles and put it back down when you're finished? It really won't affect your running at all. Science and engineering has to save us. Help, Mr. and Ms. Scientist! Help, Mr. and Ms. Engineer! Help! Help! Heeeeeeelllllppppp!

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