a father running on a treadmill falls on his face

#156 "Ouchy"

One of Sally's (Anjoh 61) more gruesome drawings, though she thinks it's "strangely beautiful." I talked to her father, a good running friend who enjoys running and training on the treadmill, and he reports that his nose wasn't worn to a nub by the belt and is still intact. He said the accident happened when he realized he forgot to apply RunLoob. Apparently, he stepped off to put some on, then had a brain-fart and forgot the belt was moving when he stepped back on. I could sympathize, as I've done that at least a few times. I was a little luckier than my buddy. Not only did I not injure myself, but I don't have an artist daughter making me the subject of her unusually honest drawings (maybe I should volunteer to be a nude model for an art class and get over my fear of social embarrassment). Kudos to him for supporting his daughter's artistic growth.

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