a runner finishes an ultramarathon while wearing a gadget called The Whoopman

#163 "The Whoopman"

There was a marathon that I ran in which there was no whoop, no whoo-hoo, and no sweaty hugs at the end. I could barely lift my arms, let alone my legs. The only good thing I felt was relief that it was over. I just shuffled in with rounded shoulders, looking down at the road, partially out of dejection but mostly so I wouldn't trip over a crack in the road, or an ant. The Whoopman would have made for a better finish photo. I can see that wearing the gadget could increase drag, but why not have a Whoopman station right before the finish where volunteers put one on you by request? Just drop it in a bin after you cross the finish line. This idea could sweep the running world!

(another glorious crayon and pen comic!)

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