God observes a dog biting the butt of a man running up a hill with casts on his arms and legs

#164 "Points Leader"

Some of the runners I know keep going and going and going. It doesn't matter what life throws at them, they manage to stay dedicated to this crazy sport. Often, they run with injuries that would send most normal people to the couch for an extended stay replete with whining and expectations of nurturing. If they get an injury that comes with the dreaded "you can't run for 6 weeks" commandment from a doctor, they go run in a pool or on an anti-gravity treadmill. Some of these athletes still find time for mitzvahs, despite the obstacles in life. Are there awards handed out in heavenly realms? I think so, and I think for all sorts of things like: "most time spent in traffic jams without losing your mind", "conspiracy theorist who came closest to the truth (any genre)", and the "Best Ark of All-time" trophy, which is still in the possession of the soul of Noah. I'm hoping to get some kind of award for most crayons broken while doing a drawing. I tend to break them them when coloring in large areas. I still want to cry when it happens, like I did when I was 3.

(drawn in crayon)

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