a runner falls asleep on top of his wife after running a marathon

#165 "Daddy Fell Asleep"

Anjoh 61 (Sally) continues to do fine, interesting work as my one and only guest artist. I kidded her about the way she keeps misspelling "marathon" and mixing up K's with hard C's. She replied: "Don't question my artistic choices, Jimmy, and I won't question yours." Fair enough. She added: "I noticed you've been using more crayon in your work. Influenced by Anjoh 61?" I couldn't deny it. Afterwords, I talked to her dad, my good running friend, and asked him if the cartoon was a true story. He said that it was, but of course didn't fall asleep until after he did his job as a husband. His wife had a different story—there was no visit to the mountain top, just a quick trip to an intense panic attack. Do runners make better lovers? After running a marathon, perhaps not.

(in crayon as usual for Anjoh 61)

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