flying tongues descend gently upon a 5k race for the sexually bereft

#167 "The Winged Muscular Hydrostat Missionaries Part 1"

Sometimes, just in the nick of time, something descends from the sky and saves the race in which you're running from complete boredom and frustration. Whether you're sexually bereft, fulfilled, confused, certain, or experimenting, some rather large, winged, muscular hydrostats can surely offer some possibilities for perking up the party. A shower, hot tub, or a dip in a pool afterwards might be in order. Not only to cleanse any possible psychic "dirtiness" that might have crept into one's formerly religiously pure brain, but also any lingering gickness deposited on one's skin from such large muscular hydrostats. Though one can not see any accompanying salivary glands flying along with these creatures, they most likely have some kind of built-in lubrication abilities, as supernatural as they might be.

This is the second comic in which The Flying Tongues star. They also show up from time to time flying in the sky in the background. The runner with the big hair (Wendy), and the white-haired dude are repeat characters found in some past (and future!) comics. Well, off to get some rest! Have to get up for a run. :)

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