a man stands in a cardboard box for a fort before running a 5k, half, or marathon

#173 "Pre-race solutions"

Cardboard, and the recycling of it, has grown in my life since shopping online. I haven't ripped up this much cardboard since working for McDonalds when I was in high school. The sizes of the boxes aren't porportional to the item one orders either. I just ordered a few vitamins and it came in a box that could have fit a microwave oven. Has my abandonment of brick and mortar stores increased the need for more trees to make the cardboard? So much to think about. It's stressful. I think I need a fort. I'll just order a microwave online, and it'll come in a box the size of a fridge. Then I'll take my fort to the play room and get me some calm. I hope my wife doesn't mind not being able to get in with me.

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