a comic strip with a man in a marathon experiencing nostalgic melancholy

#177 "Nostalgic Melancholy"

Down the hill. Down the hill towards the exit ramp. Up the ramp into the less physical realms. There are no brakes. There is no governor of speed. Only the steady even pace of life. What's left behind are the results of love and creativity, and funny enough this only happens in the present.

Which gets me to the nature of this particular comic as part of a series of what might be called static, template or moment-in-time. Comics #146 and #157 also use this same template with slight variations. This series is inspired by Dinosaur Comics. I discovered the comic through the XKCD website and started to plow through them. After about five comics, I started to realize that all the comics were exactly the same, each with different dialogue. My first thought was: I wish I would have thought of that. It would have saved a lot of time drawing. Then I thought about how the different dialogue changes the perception of each comic ever so slightly. On researching the comic, I learned that the first cartoonist to do this was director David Lynch with his The Angriest Dog In The World comic strip (1983-1992). Lynch's comic was pre-web, but you can find scanned cutouts from newspapers on the website to which I linked. I thought I'd pay homage and steal the idea for a series to add to this eclectic collection called Crusted Salt.

Thanks to all the individuals who comprise the growing reader base of this comic (the stats are looking good). Without you, this would only be 16% as much fun (the number is correct, don't question it).

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