a comic strip with two friends sitting having a drink at a table, one is in denial, and wears a big silly peach hat

#187 "Forever Penpals"

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Sometimes a relationship needs a kick in the butt to save it from demise. Sometimes the method of communication just needs an upgrade. Sometimes a girl or guy just needs to throw all caution to the wind and wear a silly hat and hope that it will cause a cascade of silly that will relieve all humans, animals, bugs and plants of their collective stress. Though, if history is any predictor of the future, then this hope might be in vain. Throughout history military, religious, and political leaders have worn some really silly hats, and only wars and corruption resulted. Not to imply causation, but only that there is a correlation between the wearing of silly hats, power, and real bad stuff happening to peace-loving human beings.

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