a comic strip parody of the stage play Equus by Peter Shaffer with one man staging a revival wearing a fig leaf and using puppets of horses

#190 "Amazing Dinner Theater Performances"

Equus by Peter Shaffer is not just my favorite stage play with ghostly horses in it, but my favorite play, period. Brilliant writing, sparse set, and small cast— but to be honest, I really do like the horsies the best. It's an honor, a privilege, and my duty to parody this fine play.

I drew this comic as part of a birthday card for one of my oldest friends, Jim, who has a made a life in the theater as an actor, dancer, professor, director, designer and builder of sets, and singer. The man is still going strong at age 56 and having a major influence over young, warp-able theatrical minds. Happy Birthday, Jim!

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