a comic strip with a man on a cliff by a tree contemplating suicide, in silhouette

#194 "On A Cliff By A Tree"

It's Friday. Again. The weeks fly by so quickly now. Either I'm enjoying life, or the days do pass faster and faster as one gets older and more decrepit. Sort of like the days in August when I was kid. School started in September, and once July was gone, summer began to slide quickly toward the inevitable. Except at this point in life, August is the last third of my life and school in September is the ultimate one way ticket out-of-body experience.

As for decrepit...it's happening. I do what I can to sandpaper it off, stretch it out, and hold it in, but it has a life of its own, like crab grass. I can see a day coming when I'll just give up and let it live, like crab grass. If the neighbors don't like it, they can kiss my wrinkly...forehead. Then my gnarly lips. My jolly jowls. Moving downward...hey, I have some attractive neighbors. One of the banes of existence is that my body might be disintegrating, but my imagination is expanding more and more, making for a rich unfulfilled fantasy life. Better to have one than none at all.

Have a great weekend. May all trees speak to you frankly but gently, and all cliffs be nothing but vista intake platforms.

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