a one panel comic strip with a woman wrapping her tongue around a bald man's head in order to dominate

#202 "Power Shifter"

Another addition to the archive of tongue and body related comics. Below is little ditty that needed to exist in order to expand this tiny universe a little more. My hope is that it will be read at a future presidential inauguration—only after I'm officially appointed as Limericist Laureate, of course. I'm currently on the radar of The Library Of Congress (the appointers), but they consider me a UFO (unnaturally flighty orator), which means no one there talks about me (or any UFO) for fear of being labeled a lunatic, or being visited and intimidated by Poets In Black.
Flick it, thrust it, yield 2 taste
cloak it, stash it, shield, b chaste
pierce it, bite it, peel, d faced
dose it, numb it, feel e rased

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