a one panel comic strip with a decoupage covered peg person being bumped down the stairs and banished by a group of peg people

#203 "Sacred Law"

I have a fading memory of having decoupaged a piece of wood with a poem or something when I was a wee lad. It wasn't interesting enough to yank me away from my mild passions for Lite Brite, Etch A Sketch, and playing a stringless guitar in my bedroom window at night (hoping the neighbors could see me). Yet, it was powerful enough to remember it after 47 years or so. I believe that event happened only so I could draw this comic today. One wouldn't exist without the other.

"Write what you know" it is said by those who say things (that are later quoted as having been said by those who say those things). Well, I knew decoupage for one creative night, and today I pondered it, drew about it, and wrote about it.

47 years from now I will probably have been dead for years, but 27 years from now I will remember this day and suggest to my nurse that, "maybe today is a good day to decoupage."

He or she will probably say, "no, you'll make a mess. Today, rather, is a good day to change that catheter, contemplate the nature of our personal realities, and rewatch What Dreams May Come because you need hope, old man, that the afterlife will be a highly creative adventure and not just an endless nothingness like social media, non-sports talk radio, and tofu."

Decoupage while you can.

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