a one panel comic strip with Madonna, a Madonna, and a woman with her hair in a bun wearing a candy necklace doing a talk show

#206 "Madonnas"

I've never seen the exact version of Madonna depicted in the above comic. She is an amalgam of memories I have of her. I've also never seen that particular framed Madonna in any museum near or far. It is a completely original one that adds to the worldwide collection of religious masterpieces existing in museums, churches, living rooms, and foyers around the world. Mine is the best because it talks and moves just like the paintings in the Harry Potter stories do.

As for Donna, she has appeared here and there in previous comics, but seems to have gone mad only recently. A million imaginary dollars sent psychically to anyone's head who figures out what her earrings mean. If you do figure it out and don't receive the imaginary money, no complaints—please. Don't blame me if you don't have the gift...the shine...the cosmic openness. Perhaps, you should have paid attention in your Practical ESP classes back in elementary school instead of eating library paste and chomping on crayons. You have to start young.

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