a three panel comic strip with a woman looking at her man's long nose hair

#209 "Nose Hair Unruliness"

My wife and I reached a new level of intimacy after she gave me a nasal hair shaver for Christmas. Not only did my nostrils gain a new definition, but so did our relationship. How could one care so deeply about another person's nose?

In subsequent years, she has given me a gift certificate for liposuction, a membership to a gym, and had an Personal Appearance Court judge gift me mandatory botox treatments to renew my gravity-beaten face. After partaking in each of those incredibly thoughtful gifts, we started to go out in public together more. No longer do we sit in our respective chairs and watch Anthony Bourdain live a fulfilling life. We're out there living our own. And it's all because of a commitment to closeness, giving, and change.

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