a woman and two porcupines sit in a field with clover and mushrooms at sunrise, talking about worry and serenity

#213 "Closed Circuit"

Spring is here. So is the annual start of one of my occupations: trying to control the awesome force of nature that is my yard. Here in Georgia, no matter what I cut down, get rid of, or pull out, it grows back. I'm "Third Of An Acre Sisyphus." My hands are covered with blisters and calluses and wasp and spider stings (occasional convulsions, but they go away). My feet hurt, my back aches, and I have permanent lines on my face from the rubber bands on the dust mask that I wear. I'm living the big, fat, grassy, weed-whacky, red ants in my pants, carpenter bees in my cotton briefs, thorny pine cone holes in my fingers, ticks tocking on my scalp, freakin' American Dream.

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