flying tongues attack lollipops running a marathon

#24 "The End Of Lingual Detente"

Tongues are the Swiss Army knives of our heads. They can taste, lick, flick, clean, groom, and play a huge role in talking and making funny noises (often the same as talking). I believe that tongues will eventually evolve to have the ability to leave our mouths and explore the world, all the while sending telepathic messages back to our brains about what kind of tasty things are in all sorts of crevices, caves, and around corners. They will become like biological drones buzzing about, which of course brings in the possibility of further evolution and them becoming warlike, just like the humans they came from. If you're allied with the tongue clan that wins the Great Lollipops War, the spoils are going to be quite tasty.

So ends the brief two-comic exploration of tongues.

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