Crusted Salt comic with a man hanging in the South American trees with some sloths

#27 "Not Found In South American Trees"

I had a great time drawing these sloths, and think I pulled it off. Sloths in captivity can sleep from 15-18 hours a day, and under 10 hours in the wild. This makes one think that either sloths are depressed in captivity, or if they didn't have any predators in the wild, they'd be sleeping that long there, too. I wonder if they'd be bummed if they knew that they were named after one of the seven deadly sins. Just because they slept a lot and moved slowly, it was no reason to give them such a name. If my parents had observed my behavior as a 36-month old toddler and named me after it, I would now be called Poopy Giggles.

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