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#28 "Singularity"

Running is sometimes a lonely existence for runners. If a person is not a runner, they tend not to have any interest at all about the activity. They key is to not care about them not caring about it. What is running to a casual observer anyway? It's just someone running somewhere, not unlike someone walking. It's someone moving from point A to B, but in shorts, tights, candy colored shoes, and some kind of polyester top, or no top at all (if you're a buff male). How often do I ask anyone about their walking? "So how was the walk to the bedroom, honey? Was it hard? Do you need some recovery? Tell me about your goals walking to the bedroom and back?"

People are generally only interested in themselves and their own lives and problems. They come in to your world, tell you some stories, then go. Maybe they'll come back again, maybe not. That's the way it is.

If they do come back and aren't going to bring any interest, I wish they'd at least bring some chocolate chip cookies.

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