a comic with an Elvis impersonator living in a shoe in a land of shoe-houses with a hand spraying anti-fungal spray

#29 "Eviction Without Notice"

Yes, there is a land where people live in shoes, some old and some new. There are also tiny Elvis impersonators who insist on not paying rent to a living soul. They're called shquatters (contraction of shoe-squatters) in Ferpland. Elvis impersonators are highly revered artists in this place, and people tolerate all sorts of outrageous behavior from them. Shquatters are very low on the totem pole of social standing. When an Elvis impersonator engages in such behavior a cognitive dissonance arises in the minds of the society. To relieve their mental tension, almost all choose to perceive it as a performance piece by a modern artist.

Though made of people, corporations are these super-efficient, rule-infested entities that are much more than the sum of its people parts. They don't get cognitive dissonance. They see only a possible image problem and seek to eradicate it with lawyers, more lawyers, and if that doesn't work, character assassination through a PR firm. As for the Ferpland Shoe Company, if someone shquats in one of their shoes, they go straight to anti-fungal spray weapons until the threat to their image has been eradicated.

Ferpland is a beautiful and wondrous place, but it can also be a harsh and unforgiving one. Do not shquat in a Ferpland shoe. They will find out. They will evict you with extreme prejudice.

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