a comic with three runners with long nasal, ear, and facial hair crossing a 5k finish line wearing 'we're free' t-shirts

#31 "We're Free"

The day I received an electric nasal hair shaver for my birthday was the day I realized I'd already reached the top of the hill, and it was nothing but coasting to the inevitable from there. When I reached the age when these handy tools had to be replaced yearly, I determined I had the potential to eventually be in some circus sideshow as BushNose, FurSchnoz, The Bearded Snootman, The Thatched Proboscis, or SnifferLocks. If I ever reach an age that I'm old enough to have my behavior excused as senility, I'm going to let it all grow. Nose, ears, eyebrows, beard, and whatever other hair that might have gone wild by then. I will spend the remaining years as a rebel, free from the great tyranny of coiffing.

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