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#32 "Newbie's #4: Water Station Gaffes"

Water station at foot races are manned by the friendliest people, all eager to give you a cup of water as you run by. In the beginning, I often felt bad that I grabbed a cup from one person and not another. I wondered if the one I passed on felt slighted. Did he or she go home that night and put my race number on a list of people to research and subsequently hate eternally?

When I was a newbie runner, I did all the things in today's comic, including being deliberately obtuse, which only the most astute mind could ascertain that I was trying to be funny. Almost all would just stare at me like I was ordering pizza at the DMV. As for missing my mouth...I've always had a problem with that anyway. The scars from fork tines around my mouth and the olive oil stains on my favorite shirts can support my claim.

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