a comic with a stick figure runner man and woman during courtship, and then later in the reality of the marriage with kids and pets screaming

#34 "Meow, Woof, Waaaahh!"

This comic was a quick experiment with stick figures. There are so many webcomics that use stick figures, including some very popular ones (like XKCD and Cyanide and Happiness); I thought it would be fun to go that way for a comic (call me bi-figural, it's okay). I wonder what extremely talented artists who draw these elaborate comics and comic books think about the wave of stick figure comics. I'm not a very talented artist, but my view is that drawing figures doesn't inherently mean someone is not a talented artist. The creator might very well be one, but made a simple choice to be simple. Also, in comics, just as long as the expression is clear, concise, funny or dramatic when it's supposed to be, and a reader doesn't need Sherlock Holmes or a computer engineer (sorry, rocket scientists, you've been replaced) to figure it out, then it is a well-done comic.

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