a comic drawn in crayon drawn by kid with a mommy holding a crying daddy after his marathon

#35 "Sally Series #2: Beeooty Kween"

A hard-run marathon can break down the usual controls one has on emotions. If I think about my wife waiting for me at the finish line, I start to well up, and sometimes it affects my breathing, so I have to put her out of my mind. Then when I finish, I lose it.

These experiences have informed my watching of my favorite game show of all time, Survivor. I've seen every episode of every season, and some seasons twice. What is easy to forget is how broken down these contestants are, physically and emotionally. Most of them have some charisma and often they can be compelling TV, so it is easy to forget that they're starving, exhausted, dirty, smelly, and suffering from bug bites, infections, and insomnia. When they have the episode when family or friends visit the survivors, it is understandable why the players seem to cry way to hard at seeing someone they just saw a few weeks ago. I get it.

It was my wife who said in my ear at the finish of the Philadelphia Marathon as she hugged her sweaty, crying man who just qualified for the Boston Marathon for the first time: it's like you won the Miss America pageant!

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