a Tom Brady parody with Tom balanced on a large football in the air while others fall from it

#36 "Mythic Pigskinners"

Note From The Future: Here I am nearly 4 years after I drew this Tom Brady parody. I drew it for Superbowl XLVI in 2012, the one in which Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost to Eli Manning and the New York Giants. In a burst of psychic hindsight and rearranging of history, I realize now I really drew it for the Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 (it's okay to roll your eyes now). You know, the one in which Malcolm Butler intercepted a short pass at the goal line by Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson, securing a Patriots win. New Englanders expressed the loudest collective whoop ever heard in the history of the Northeast Unites States.

So what is the game being played in the above comic? What was my past self thinking? Let's get all Sherlocky, observe, and figure it out. There is a huge football. There are many players. There is one kicker, who must be huge (even though he looks small) to be able to kick such a large football so high. Several people and one cat are flying away from the football, while Tom balances and looks victorious. My guess is that the point of the game is to keep your balance on the football after it gets kicked hundreds of feet in the air. The one who remains balanced, wins. Cuddles the Cat dies, which means the humans probably die as well, since cats tend to survive long falls, and humans don't. So, it must be a very long fall. The Ferpland Pigskin Challenge just might be the toughest and cruelest game ever. It could have been played at the Coliseum way back when...

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