a comic with a man tied to a tree with a sign on the fence that reads beware of cranky runner

#39 "Fair Warning"

Not enough carbs, not enough protein, not enough running, not enough sex, not enough potassium, not enough magnesium, not enough sodium, too much running, overtraining, too much stress at the office, too much stress at home, too many choices on Netflix, too many choices on Amazon Prime, too much, too little, not enough, way too much! These things, by themselves, or in lethal combinations can add up to me being a cranky runner. My wife should tie me to a tree so I can growl at people instead of her. Deep down a voice is telling me: "stop blaming the external world, you're just a vinegary ol' grump 'cause ya wanna be!" Well, if that's the truth, then I'm truly sorry world. I didn't mean it.

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