a runner shows his date hundreds of running photos

#42 "Running Photos"

I once had a fantasy that I had a stalker. She had a secret room in which the walls were covered with photos of me running. The subtext of this narcissistic scenario was that someone out there actually cared to see more than one photo of me running. I've never received a request from anyone like this:

"Hey, do you have any photos of you running? If you do, can you send me all of them. I'm wicked interested."

I know lots of runners, and lots of people know I run, but there has been zero interest in photos of me training or racing. I do have a small collection (less than 50) that I keep in a folder somewhere on a hard drive, and even have my favorite one on the info page on this website (for purposes of immersing myself in the delightful and rewarding expression of one of the seven deadly sins).

As for the fantasy about the stalker...I'm going to keep the rest of it to myself, but I can let the reader know that it ended well, and that no restraining orders were needed.

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