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#43 "Newbies #5: Intro To A Cliché"

On July 4th in 2003, at the finish of my first race (the Arnolds Mills 4 Mile Road Race in Cumberland, RI), there was a chute at the finish line off to the right. I ran past it to the left, because I didn't know I was supposed to go through it. This newbie didn't know what a chute was. Someone turned me around and told me I had to go through it. I felt a bit embarrassed and did as I was told. I went through and they took the bottom part of our race numbers that had our names written on it. I think I messed up their system as they ended up not posting the times until much later. Luckily, the exhilaration I felt from running the race quickly overcame my feeling of stupidness and awkwardness. I managed to do more stupid stuff in races, but there's nothing like your first time.

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