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#50 "Superstitions #2 Trail Taters"

All the superstitions I learned as a kid are still operating in this porous brain of mine. Just the other day, I chose not to walk under a ladder even though it was the quickest path to point B. I still knock on wood, although sometimes I just say "knock on wood" and not really do it. I really don't believe these things, but occasionally I act on them.

Jinxing feels like the most powerful of all superstitious thinking. Jinxing yourself (or someone or something) is saying something will happen. If I say something is absolutely certain, it's almost like I've thumbed my nose at reality and its vast field of possibilities and probabilities. I'm telling it I am more powerful, and just by me saying something is certain, I close out any other event that might be probable. Jinxing yourself is really just closing your mind down from "what if" thinking. "What if" thinking can be a bad thing for an anxious person, but also a good thing for inventing, creating, and winning at chess. So, as soon as I jinx myself, I try to think of other possibilities to cancel out the curse.

This isn't my fault. I wasn't born this way. I'm a victim of growing up in a superstitious environment. Luckily, I don't really believe any of it anymore. Really. Honest.

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