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#53 "Newbies #6: Leave Them At The Deli"

The only blind date I had in my life was in 1978, while I was still in high school. It was a double date, and of all things, we were all going to see Animal House, which had just come out. We met at her house and I instantly took a liking to her. The four of us sat with her dad for awhile. He was an amiable, witty guy, and I enjoyed chatting with him. While we were leaving, he stopped us and handed his daughter forty bucks. She tried to give it back saying that we had more than enough money. I also said that we had plenty (I worked nearly full time at McDonalds...I was the bun guy on an All-American grill team). He refused to take it back. Then he said something that has stuck with me for years. Besides the cucumber holding Otter saying "mine's bigger" to Dean Wormer's wife in the supermarket during the movie (she was also holding a cucumber), all I remember being said that night was her father's immortal words as he made us take the money: "You might want to go out for a pickle."

I think her father just might have been the master of the unlimited entendre. That could have been taken so many ways, and was funny just on the face of it. Forty bucks could have bought one huge pickle, or many small ones.

The blind date went swimmingly. I will remember her always...her dad, too.

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