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#55 "Famous Comic Strip Panels"

A few decades ago, on a lazy partying Friday afternoon, a friend and I listened to one of The Beatles' Christmas albums, followed by their entire White Album (a.k.a. The Beatles), followed by the movie Apocalypse Now. Now, we didn't put these on to be background as we chatted away; we listened and watched with nary a word, cough, or nod off to sleep. It was an intense experience.

I came away from it with handful of insights:

I don't care how many people in this day and age that want to revise history and attempt to dilute The Beatles' importance (often by removing the context of the time in which their body of work was created), but they were the most important and influential band in the history of music. There is no debate. They took the music world to a whole different plane of existence.

The Beatles' Christmas albums were pretty darn weird and fun.

The Doors' singer, Jim Morrison, was born to create and sing the song The End. Without Morrison, you don't have this song. Without this song, you have a very different and weaker Apocalypse Now.

Sometimes, the best moments you have with a friend is when you both shut up, and together, just immerse yourself in some good art.

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