a comic with a female runner tying her shoe looking at the bad knees of a tall man

#59 "Bad Knees"

Knees. No one cares about mine. Not a soul. Unless I tell them I run. Then, quicker than you can say Slartibartfast, my knees become the topic of conversation. They ask me about the health of them. They warn me about the wear and tear, and how running will decimate them. I tell them that after more than a decade of running, my knees feel great. They keep up the relentless negativity. I bring up scientific studies that show that people who run have better knees than people who don't, especially into old age. They remain steadfast in their opinion, then tend change the subject, not having asked any questions about the life and world of a runner (like training, racing, and travel). It's like them telling me about their new office job, and then me obsessively focusing on the health of their butts or lower backs, not making any effort to converse about the world of their profession.

It's quite maddening, ya know.

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