a comic with a woman beating a man's leg cramp  with a hammer

#62 "Daddy's Kramp"

My friend's daughter, Sally, continues to challenge my own artistic sensibilities with her stark, truthful depictions of her father's painful journey into running. She is allowing her Dad to slowly leak these to me for inclusion in this body of work. She's doing this to combat the suggested censorship, and rejection, of some of her work that she's experienced by the school. The powers that be felt her work was not only crayon-heavy, but also too gross. At one point she was so mad at the school that she invoked a gentler Jack Nicholson and calmly said "you can't handle the truth" to the principal, and walked out of her office. She later drew a protest mural in chalk on the street in front of the principal's home. Sally received a week long suspension for that stunt, but considers it one of her finest pieces in the very temporary medium of chalk, as does her father.

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