a comic with a doctor looking at a hammerhead toe

#63 "Phalangeal Sphyrnidae"

I love hammerhead sharks. How does a head like that evolve anyway? If it's possible for a shark head to become such a shape, then it might be possible for a human head to become that way.

First, men or women will have to become wildly attracted to members of the opposite sex with eye sockets that are further away from each other. As time goes on, they will have to want them to be further and further apart. At the same time, weak chins and strong temporal bones (the ones on the side of your skull) will have to become all the rage. Little by little, over thousand of years, the human head would become more like that of a hammerhead. It seems like it would be the coolest thing ever, but everyone would take it for granted, just as we do with the look of our present bodies.

The only way for a non-scientific neophyte to enjoy evolution would be through time travel. This would allow one to see the stark differences in a species. Yes, natural history museums are sort of like time traveling, but there's very little real flesh in those places. There are lots of bones, but looking at them is sort of like looking at a record-setting home run ball at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It takes some imagination and projection to get any kind of buzz off of what you're seeing.

I raise my coffee and toast the future of mankind:

may we always have food
and nice homes and beds
may we someday have peace
and big ol' hammer heads

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