a comic with a man jogging, then sprinting to a port-a-potty

#64 "Somewhat Synonymous"

The outhouse has never really gone away. They're now just made of plastic, called port-a-potties, and the waste trucked away into nothingness (from the user's POV). As disgusting as I think these things are, when you have to go, and all the businesses have "bathroom for paying customers only" signs on their doors (and you don't want to buy an Atomic Fireball just to go pee), a port-a-potty is a welcome sight. Still, I always feel that at least my shoes caught some awful disease stepping into one.

As for running, jogging, sprinting, ambling, trotting and all the synonyms for running, there seems to be a hangup among certain members of the running community about whether or not someone is a jogger or a runner. If you call certain runners a jogger, they take umbrage (just like a friend of mine takes umbrage when I use the word umbrage instead of offense or just plain "feel insulted"—thinks I'm pretentious). They proceed to list the differences, but there are none really. I call on the human race, especially jogger-runners, to embrace the world of synonyms. Be a trotter, ambler, galloper, or one who canters.

All the way to the plastic outhouse.

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