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#69 "Signs Of Overtraining"

Sometimes, I don't want to run and follow the training schedule. I feel blah, tired, and have no desire. I would rather lie on the couch, eat too much cheese, and binge on Netflix. So, I don't run. I chuck the schedule the bird, and lie on the couch, eat too much cheese, almond butter and pancakes, and binge on Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I feel I need it, I'll do it for two or three days, or (in an act of complete heresy) even more.

There are memes on the internet designed for runners that say things like:
—"Don't ever quit, even if you can't feel your legs anymore"
—"If you take a day off, your competition is running FIVE times that day"
—"train until you collapse, then pick yourself up, have a cup of sports drink and train some more—if you don't, you're a weak person who doesn't deserve anything good in life."

These are all part of the guidebook called How To Be An Idiot And End Up Injured And Overtrained And Not Being Able To Run For Six Months To A Year Or Perhaps Never Again. It's a great book and has one of the longest titles in history.

Listen to your body...your body...your body...Listen to your body...your body...your body...

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