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#70 "Masked"

Mystery creates tension. If you show up to a footrace with your identity hidden, then your competition will not only feel some extra tension, but they'll also be completely distracted, as they spend the whole race wondering who you really are, and not thinking about the race.

Politicians should wear a mask once in awhile, it might give them a bump in the polls. Though it could be said with certainty that most of them are wearing masks already, and their true selves are hidden away behind a polished public persona, doublespeak, and rehearsed smiles. Every election, we just throw up our hands and pick the mask we find most appealing. Then we complain for the next four to six years that we're getting screwed, nothing is getting done, and that they're all corrupted.

We need a de-masker of some kind. A form of technology that lets us see what their motivations for seeking power really are. The reasons are usually money, sex, and the thrill of power itself. It wouldn't be a surprise, just a confirmation.

(p.s. this comic was drawn with a no. 2 pencil)

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