a comic with the Headless Horseman, Anne Boleyn, and a headless free range chicken racing a 10k

#71 "Topless Racing"

"When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed," David Byrne once sang. Today, this my credo. I'm speechless, empty, and devoid of ideas. Any movement to write something here today would be like trying to eat a car in one bite. Sure, I could eat a one, or at least start (probably dying by the time I reached the cruise control knob), but what would it prove? And what kind of example would that set for the children of the world (we must always think of the children, whether you have any or not). Perhaps, I should force it; write something here anyway, because I've done it so many times before, and I probably should feel like I have to, no matter what. But it will probably just be a crappy read. There's so much crap in the world, why should I add to it? So, I'm giving you the reader a break from my musings today. Ultimately, I'm just reducing my own inner tension. Making the decision not to do something can be so relieving. And relieved is how I feel right now. I can just post the comic and go play Super Mario Brothers 2. I heard there were newfangled video games, but I've been trying to get through SMB 2 for twenty years and I'll never give up. I'm still working on Pacman and Asteroids as well on a simulator. Thank all deities that I can play the latter two games for free, as I'd have whittled away what little wealth I have by now, one quarter at a time. Quarters have always been my favorite coin. When I was little, there was nothing like finding a quarter on the ground or in the change return of a phone booth. A quarter back then would buy me two packages of Hostess Twinkies and a Drakes Devil Dog. I'm not sure why I liked Devil Dogs, as they sort of sucked all of the moisture out of your mouth, and if you didn't drink some milk quickly, you'd feel like you might never get the thing down...but I regress...over and out...


...really...someday, I'll give you the 2 minutes back that you just wasted. I plan to have that power some day...(you were just saved by the calling of my wife).

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