a comic that's a parody of Hamlet with 2 bees

#72 "That's Sort Of The Question"

Busy as a bee today, which means I'm buzzing around the kitchen, gathering food, and bringing it back to my hive (the living room) to feed The Queen (me...hey, I can be The Queen if I want to be The Queen). I had lost a little weight and that always freaks my body out. It then compels me to be inert, watch days of TV, and eat until I make the sound: uhhhaahhhhhrrrrrrrr. Once, equilibrium is achieved, I'm free to leave the living room and attempt to make a life for myself. I may be The Queen, but my body is The King, and he loves his love handles, jiggly manboobs, and waistband overhang. He is dominant, and I am weak.

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