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#76 "Opposites Attract"

Opposites attract...really? If I'm gentle and compassionate, then I'll find bullying sociopaths attractive? If I'm emotionally steady, I'll yearn to be with someone who is an emotional wreck? Go-getting, creative, and productive people will yearn for lazy, tv-watching and chip-eating blobs?

In movies and TV shows, "opposites attract" usually means that people who like to fight and yell at each other will fall in love, but why does this make them opposites? They might be opposing each other in terms of the constant arguing, but as far as personalities go they're really the same. They both can't listen, like to fight, love to walk away from each other, and love to return for the make-up sex (usually in an animalistic way against a wall or on a table). Who the heck would want to live like that anyway? It sounds exhausting to be fighting all the time, and sex on hard surfaces, or while lifting your lover off the floor, is much less preferable to melting together in a comfortable bed.

"Opposites attract" is true in magnetics, but not people. If it were, the so-called opposites of black and white people would have gotten together and copulated their races out of existence a long time ago. Motorhead and The Carpenters would have married, co-made albums, and toured together as Motorcarp. Yankee and Red Sox fans would have a yearly hug and French kiss party somewhere in Connecticut...

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